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The log home you always dreamed of

Imagine a home crafted with the timeless beauty and strength of nature so it stands the test of time. Imagine a home where you feel a profound sense of comfort and contentment when you see it each morning and when you return to it at night. When you choose a log home from Dow & Duggan Log Homes International, you donít have to imagine it. You live it every day. Because we make dream homes come true.

A Legacy of quality and satisfaction

Itís been more than 35 years since we started Dow & Duggan Log Homes International in Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia. When you have been in business that long, you develop a reputation and weíve built ours on quality. Itís more than attention to detail in constructing your home. Itís more than our dedication to using the finest wood available and constantly improving our design, drafting and packaging processes. Itís our dedication to satisfying our customers that has made us one of the most trusted names in log homes.

Every log home starts with you

Itís your home, and we want to bring your dream to life. Thatís why Dow & Duggan Log Homes International plans are developed and personalized based on your ideas: we want you to have the home you really want. A home you will love and live in all your life.

Whatever you need, whenever you need us, weíre always here to serve you. That commitment goes all the way to the top at our company because we want you to be happy. Delivering a home that gives you peace of mind, a home that is easily assembled and built to withstand the elements and keeps you comfy for years to come, thatís our passion.

A log home for everyone, everywhere
Not only can we design the log home youíve always desired, we can deliver it to you no matter where you are. Weíre just fifteen minutes away from one of the worldís major shipping ports, and our log homes meet all European building requirements for insulation and structural strength.

Make your dream home a reality. Call us at Dow & Duggan Log Homes International today.


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